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Cemetery Relocation and Family Assistance

Cemetery Relocation and Family Assistance

August, 2013

A Message from the Commissioner…

We at the Chicago Department of Aviation understand the importance of upholding the memory of each loved one who was interred at St. Johannes Cemetery in DuPage County. That is why the Chicago Department of Aviation’s relocation plan was developed with the utmost care and respect for the deceased and their surviving relatives.

Our team of specialized professionals worked closely with over 800 families, as well as the officials from St. John's United Church of Christ, to ensure that every effort was made to uphold traditions during the relocation of St. Johannes Cemetery. We assisted the families throughout this difficult time by offering support and comfort.

In addition, the Chicago Department of Aviation retained the services of The Louis Berger Group, a nationally recognized cultural resource and cemetery relocation firm. Please take time to visit this website for additional information, which includes a searchable reburial list as well as the designated replacement cemetery for each deceased.

Rosemarie S. Andolino