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Cemetery Relocation and Family Assistance

Known Burials

For questions regarding exact burial location within a replacement cemetery, you may contact them directly. Click here for replacement cemetery contact information.

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First NameMiddle NameLast NameDate of BirthDate of DeathStatusRelocation Cemetery
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Edward Ahrensfeld18741874 Relocated Town of Maine
Infant Son Wayne Aiken19331933 Relocated Chapel Hill
Wilhelmina Banger18061892 Relocated Mt. Emblem
Ada Baruth19071908 Relocated Elm Lawn
BerthaABaruth18731964 Relocated Elm Lawn
IreneEBaruth19152000 Relocated Elm Lawn
OscarWBaruth19001986 Relocated Elm Lawn
WilliamHBaruth18691928 Relocated Elm Lawn
William Baumgartner18451928 Relocated Friedens
Friederike Baumgartner18551903 Relocated Friedens
Dorothea Behrens18171893 Relocated Eden
HeinrichPhillipBehrens18001881 Relocated Eden
Caroline Behrens18561901 Relocated Eden
Friederich Behrens18491917 Relocated Eden
Caroline Biermann18641931 Relocated Memory Gardens
Herman Biermann18571918 Relocated Memory Gardens
BBernardBleich19101941 Relocated Eden
Christ Bleich18461930 Relocated Eden
FrederickHBleich18821952 Relocated Eden
LenaMBleich18841945 Relocated Eden
Louisa Bleich18621952 Relocated Eden
MarthaD A Bleich19061917 Relocated Eden
LouiseChristineBleich18891889 Relocated Eden
Clara Blume18941948 Relocated Mt. Emblem
Clarence Blume19191988 Relocated Mt.Emblem
Hermann Blume18711913 Relocated Mt. Emblem
Louise Blume18731930 Relocated Mt. Emblem
William Blume18911968 Relocated Mt. Emblem
ArthurWBoesche18941950 Relocated St. John's Lutheran
BerthaKBoesche18921948 Relocated St. John's Lutheran
Dorothea Boesche18251897 Relocated Town of Maine
Elmer Boesche19201921 Relocated St. John's Lutheran
Maria Boesche18621896 Relocated Town of Maine
SophiaLBoesche18711962 Relocated St. John's Lutheran
Wilhelm Boesche18251895 Relocated Town of Maine
WilliamHBoesche18671928 Relocated St. John's Lutheran
Anna Boettger18881951 Relocated Lakewood
WilliamCBoettger18861941 Relocated Lakewood
Charles Bohn19061910 Relocated Eden
Anna Sophie Bollmann18851909 Relocated Elmwood
Malinda Bork18881916 Relocated Mt. Emblem
MaryCBork18861959 Relocated Mt. Emblem
PeterPBork18631923 Relocated Mt. Emblem
H FriedrichBrockmann18681868 Relocated Eden
H GeorgeBrockmann18171864 Relocated Eden
Amanda Broker18881920 Relocated Eden
Minnie Bruhn18901962 Relocated Elm Lawn
Anna Buhr18561943 Relocated Mt. Emblem
HenryJBuhr18821957 Relocated Mt. Emblem
Gustav Comrem18781947 Relocated Mt. Emblem