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Cemetery Relocation and Family Assistance

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Genealogy Research

The Chicago Department of Aviation contracted with The Louis Berger Group and with their assistance compiled extensive descendant-based genealogies to determine the next of kin (NOK) and to locate unknown descendants for approximately 800 individuals known to be interred at St. Johannes Cemetery. The Disposition of Remains Act (755 ILCS 65/1, et.seq.) formed the basis for the procedures employed during this research and the determination of the potential NOK. The majority of the genealogical research was carried through four generations, to include great-grandchildren of deceased individuals. In addition, collateral lines of siblings and their children (nephews and nieces) were tracked. The intent was to invite and encourage input from NOK who would have known the deceased in life. Exhaustive research included analysis and interpretation of original German church baptism, marriage, and death records from the mid-nineteenth century to the present, federal census records, obituaries, newspaper articles, state death and marriage records, social security death indexes, as well as cross-referencing of major genealogical repositories and databases and, the review of private family collections.