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Cemetery Relocation and Family Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I disinter my loved one prior to the CDA’s acquisition of the Cemetery?

Yes, please call (773) 686-5136.

Will the CDA pay for reburial costs?

Yes, the CDA will pay all necessary and reasonable costs within the established guidelines. Covered expenses include permit fees, excavation, moving costs and funeral director charges. In addition to paying reburial costs, the CDA will assign a Family Care Coordinator to provide assistance locating a replacement cemetery and coordinating the relocation according to your family’s wishes.

Can I choose the replacement cemetery?

Yes, next of kin may select any cemetery within a 50-mile radius of St. Johannes Cemetery.

Will my loved one be provided with a marker?

Yes, even if there is no marker at St. Johannes Cemetery, one will be provided for the replacement grave.

My family owns grave spaces in St. Johannes Cemetery to be used in the future. Will the CDA replace those spaces?

Yes, the CDA will replace the spaces in a cemetery of your choice within a 50-mile radius, with the proper grave space purchase receipts.

Will the family be notified prior to reburial?

Yes, your assigned Family Coordinator will keep you informed of each phase of the process. The entire process will generally take about 6 to 8 weeks.

Will all my loved ones be reburied at the same time?

We will make every effort to accommodate your wishes.

May I be present at the replacement cemetery?

Yes, your Family Care Coordinator will work with you and your family.

How does the Family Assistance Office identify the remains?

The CDA will use the services of archaeologists and osteologists to identify remains.

How does the Family Assistance Office identify potential next of kin?

The CDA contracted with The Louis Berger Group and with their assistance compiled extensive descendant-based genealogies to determine the next of kin and to locate unknown heirs. The majority of the genealogical research was carried through four generations. The intent of this research is to invite and encourage input from next of kin who would have known the deceased in life.


*All processes are according to the established CDA pricing and replacement guidelines. Your assigned Family Care Coordinator will review these guidelines with you.